Friday, 17 November 2017

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An auto show is where auto mobile companies come in to showcase their latest automobile designs. An auto expo gives both visitors and automobile companies a chance to get closer to their cream car or bike and know more about the same.

Auto expos are grand and glamorous automobile exhibitions where you have prominent automobile companies coming in to fight off their best designs against each other. And it is not only auto mobile companies but automobile accessory Event Management Companies like tyre brands who come in with their latest safe designs for bikes and cars.
Auto expo is usually held at two separate venues in Delhi. One, in Greater Noida (India Expo Mart) and the other at Pragati Maidan from February 9th to 14th 2018.
The auto show usually displays SUV’s MUV’s, cars, two wheelers, super cars and bikes , special vehicles, concept vehicles, commercial vehicles like trucks and buses, automotive design and technology, vintage cars, tyres and tubes, engineering and IT for automobile companies, institutions, oil companies, universities etc. Financial institutions, insurance companies, media and auto publication, will also be seen here.
The list of daily timings for the show is as follows:
February 9th Business Hours (10 am to1 pm) General public hours (1 pm to 6 pm)
February 10th General Public Hours (10 am to 7 pm)
February 11th General Public Hours (10 am to 7 pm)
February 12th Business Hours (10am to 1 pm) General Public Hours (1 pm to 6 pm)
February 13th Business Hours (10 am to 1 pm) General Public Hours (1 pm to 5 pm)
February 14th General Public Hours (10 am to 5 pm)
Transportation to both the venues is comfortable with the metro and taxi services available. Also shuttle bus services are also available for others. One point to be kept in mind is that the travel time may vary according the given traffic conditions of the day.
There are about 14 Exhibition Stalls Design apart from the outdoor exhibition area for other activities like food and beverages. Due to the large space, the visitors will have a wonderful time exploring and going through each and every exhibit, understand the specifics and also if time permits apply for a test drive to know what the vehicle is all about.
Tickets for the show are available on along with the prices and other details that every visitor must know.
The companies showcasing their services this year the auto expo are Audi, Chevrolet, Nissan, Mercedes Benz, Ford, Fiat, Hero, Honda, Hyundai, Indian Motorcycles, Jaguar, Land Rover, Mahindra Rise, Mahindra Two Wheelers, Maruti Suzuki, BMW, Datsun etc. The other companies related to the automobile industry taking part at the expo include, Ashok Leyland, Speedgo, Atul, DSK Benelli, Executive, Eicher, FCA, etc.
The organizers of auto expo 2018 are Automotive Components Manufacturers Association, India, Confederation of Indian Industry and Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers.
We well known Exhibition Stall Fabricators and Stall Designers in Delhi Base Companies. We offers exhibition stall design, stall fabrication service in all over india.

With every automobile company coming in with new and better options, automobile companies look for customers to woo them with their special prices and other features that only their company provides. This auto expo is an excellent place if you are planning to buy a new car pr bike. With the amount of options, you get to compare and choose according to the services the automobile company is ready to provide you with.

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

How Many Type of Exhibition Stall Design

After all the hue and cry of different aspects of an exhibition, let us now have a look at different kinds of exhibition stalls design by Exhibition Event Management Companies.

Exhibitions are a important for advertising procedure of any organization, they immensely Encourage a business. Infect taking an interest in exchange demonstrates is a standout amongst the most valuable and financially savvy promoting methodologies in the event that it is utilized successfully. In the event that presentation slow down outlining is done legitimately cooperation in a fruitful public exhibition can receive immense rewards.
1.      Pop Up Show
Such stalls are mobile in nature and can be shifted from one place to another without having to dismantle completely. They are portable and comes I handy if one’s working against a rigid deadline. In spite of the fact that there are a wide range of sorts of slows down however essentially there are two sorts of shows and that are fly up displays and board shows. Both come in changed sizes, styles and expenses.

2.      Customized Booths
Has a huge structure and can not be moved without dismantling.

3.      Exhibition Truss
A convenient version of the customized Exhibition booths Design, this kind of stalls is very easy to set up. You can quickly put this up at a very short notice. You will also find it a very economical choice.

4.      Banner Stands
These stands are so portable that they can be carried around in a bag. They are normally very flashy to get the attention of people in an exhibition.

The type of exhibition stall one has depends on two factors: the logistical constrain and the budget one has. If you are working on a short notice then you can make do with a truss or otherwise you can choose to go with the customized booths.
Our Company give you for exhibition stall design and “Exhibition Stall Fabrication” solutions that engage all your business exhibition stall design needs. Concept makerz offers comprehensive exhibition stall design mode" for different exhibitions. Creative Stall Designer brings to you a extensive set of exhibition stall designing that are customized according to personal needs and requirements specification.

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Exhibitions on Food in India

India is formally known all over as the land of spices and why not every state in India has a taste of her own. And each is famous for it. The Malabar Biriyani is famous for its finger licking tast that lasts in your tongue to give you innate foodgasms. Butter Chicken is a must for anyone who is travelling in Delhi. The famous Rajasthani Thali. Street foods in Mumbai and he list just goes on. For such a country with such wide variety in food definitely will need an exposure in Food exhibitions right!

India is said to be the second largest producers of food in the world after China. Many of India’s leading food processing and retailing companies believe that India is an investment destination and has a large opportunity in its food economy. Food exhibitions like the World Food India to be held from 3rd to 5th November 2017 in Delhi is an opportunity for the country to spread its culture through food across the world and also for the word to know more about not only the famous Indian recopies but also the little known yet tasty Indian dishes spread across the country.
The world’s interest in India has risen considerably and showcasing ourselves at an industry where in we rule second in the world is not only an opportunity but also a reason of multi-million dollar investments in the country and also gives high hopes for international collaborations.
Through such world food expos we can create an opportunity to discover food markets, opportunities and growth for the food processing market in the country.
So Why India?
As mentioned earlier India is the second largest producer of farm products in the world and also the third largest economy in terms of Purchasing Power Parity. Since India is a fast expanding economy especially in the retail sector, holding large Exhibitions Stall Designer in the industry not only increases our opportunity but also creates a name in the international market for us.
Conducting food expos definitely will place the country on the global food map. Sector based seminars tasting rounds all provide the customers an opportunity to learn more about Indian Food Culture.
Conducting food expos gives food processing companies to showcase vast resource base, its growing food processing sector and also progressive policies and processes. Such large expos will have global and domestic leaders, administrators and policy makers’ trade or industry knowledge bodies and farmer organizations with whom companies and consumers can connect more to know about food quality and also how to increase food quality.
Such expos help the food companies to collaborate with public and private sector engagements, help in landing investment intentions and also strengthen the industry and farmer bond.
Food exhibitions not only see the industry people but also others who help in the growth of the food industry like companies who provide supportive policies for the industry and investments which there by increases the credibility of the company and gives them the opportunity to invent and provide the country’s food industry with something that will bring her in the forefront of the food industry for Exhibition Stand Builders.
Food exhibitions also see companies providing technical aid for farmers. Such companies are supported by investors who see the good of the technology for the agriculture sector.
Food exhibitions give the world an opportunity to invest in India which is now the current trend. The government has increased the FDI percentage in the food industry which gives us the opportunity to show the world that they are investing in the right sector.
India needs to come forward in the tinned and packed food section which is the growing demand of the working population today. And this can be achieved only through large food exhibitions which see a number of investors.

Overall, Exhibitions Stall Fabricator are a necessity in the country as it has a lot of opportunity for agriculture sector growth. With the rising demand of the country in every other sector it is now time for us to focus on our food sector which is also an important contributor in the economy of the country.

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

With Great Graphic Designs Attract, Intrigue and Educate Your Stall Visitors

A stunning Exhibition Stand Builder alone can’t tell the whole story of your business and its services. Marry it with thoughtful, attention grabbing graphics and you have a match made in heaven! Suddenly, with the architecture and graphic design working in tandem, you can attract, intrigue and educate visitors with your exhibition stand and what you have to offer.

 Best Exhibition Stall Fabricator in Delhi

·         Gunite
Gunite, a concrete repair and fire protection contractor very cleverly turned their exhibition stand into a fish and chip shop with the use of a deep fat fryer and some very smart graphic design. Their aim was to build upon existing relationships and to find new business with a stand that would stand out amongst the other exhibitors and that would provide hospitality for visitors who engaged in conversation with the Gunite team.

They used a black and white checked floor and a pale blue brick wall graphic to create the interior of their chip shop stand and designed their own ‘chippy’ logo for extra authenticity.
·         CIPD
CIPD, a professional body for HR and people development, used their graphic design in an entirely different way to great effect. The graphics were kept clean and clear so that the stand was bright and eye-catching; even from the farthest side of the Exhibition Stall all.
The huge, bold purple rigged banner laden with their logo and strapline clearly signposted CIPD’s stand to visitors and made it the centrepiece of their own annual conference. Copy related to their campaign ‘Shaping the future of work’ and useful statistics were integrated beautifully with large images, using both speech bubbles and easy-to-digest infographics.

CIPD also wanted to centre their campaign around the people they help support to. To do this, they opted to use a selfie booth which integrated each photo taken with the campaign message and colourful geometric graphics. The resulting campaign adverts for the brand were displayed in real-time on the stand and pre-designed versions were used around the venue to visually reinforce the CIPD brand with visitors.
·         Howden
Howden- designers, engineers and installers of gas and air handling equipment- wanted to use each graphic to convey a message related to the benefits and qualities of their services and products.

The clever graphic design turned complex, functional machinery into stunning pieces of art, aimed at catching the eyes of the audience. The colourful back-lit graphic at the heart of the stand is a perfect example, as it takes compression technology and turns it into an intriguing image.

To further help educate and explain the complex product range, Howden used visuals to compare their range of screw compressors, keeping copy down to a minimum.

As these examples demonstrate, a stand’s success isn’t just down to its architecture. Graphics help to convey a campaign message to directly support your exhibiting objectives.

Saturday, 4 November 2017

Not All Exhibition Contractor Are Created Equal

Exhibition stands can both make and break a company’s image at an exhibition. And so it is very important that you choose and invest properly in an Exhibition Stand Builders. A major role in getting quality and attractive exhibition stands is played by the exhibition stand contractor you go to, to get the stand.

You should see to it that you find the right contractors to build the exhibition stand. First of all you need to get one point straight- the success of an exhibition stand is not just the graphics and designs used for the stall. Your choice of design, size, position at the venue, and structure will decide your number of visitors and how long they will stay to explore your stall.
You need to do quality research about your contractors after you have decided on your design for your stall. Contractors come to you in two variants, first are stand designers and the second are the design and build contractors.
ExhibitionsStall Designers and much more in par with the various design agencies and are excellent in preparing high quality exhibition stands. These exhibition stand designers will work with their own team of sub contractors because they are focused n strong design sensibilities.
On the other hand Design and build contractors come as a whole package with their own set f trades people to make the designs on paper come to life. It is only a design them who can take up the whole responsibility of your stand and make it what you want it to look like at the event.
It takes an understanding of how people behave at an exhibition, knowledge and skills to ensure complete success of you exhibition stand. To be precise, there is a lot to lose if you end up with an unimpressive stand at an exhibition. It may turn out that you have ideas for how your stand should look like at an exhibition but it would not hurt to ask your stand designer for advice because in the end they are the ones who have better knowledge about how a stand should look and what kind of design will stand out during a particular Exhibition Stall Fabricator.

Keep in mind, a poorly constructed and designed stand is the worst that could ever happen to your company with regard to an exhibition. You must make sure that the materials you use to build your stand, is of good quality and also must make sure that your contractors are also with you on the same page regarding this. Check the materials used because poor quality materials may not go down well with your visitors.
People may judge you based on your choice of materials which indirectly may reflect or rather create a reflection in the minds of your customers that you also deliver such low quality products. So make sure your designs and quality of materials used reflect your company standards and your brand image.
Also see that you choose a contractor who delivers on time and has an experience in the field because many a times your contractors may not deliver on time and that can be a big issue.
When you are on the lookout for your design contractors do not forget to brush through the following points before you finalise them:

Check for their experience history- see that they have handled a few exhibitions and prominent companies which will give you an assurance that they have an idea about what they are doing.
Same goes for international shows. See that they have an experience in handling international events and delivering perfectly for the same.
Keep of their subcontractors and other external who will be assisting them in the work. And if they are handling it single handily see they are capable of doing so.
Check if they have worked n the particular exhibition that you are taking part before.
And finally, see that they understand you company policies and ideas and are on the same page with you when it comes to your designs and expectations.

On the whole, working with an equally talented and efficient set of contractors will give you a boost in the field of exhibitions and events. So take your time to choose the right one because your wrong choice could end you in trouble.

Friday, 3 November 2017

Do You Know About Exhibitions Wedding Asia

Weddings are always an extravaganza especially in a country like India. Not only the outfits for the wedding but in today’s time one cannot underestimate the importance of florists, wedding venues, or even wedding photography. And if you have a place where you could meet representatives for all the above under one roof the then there is nothing to worry about.
 Exhibition Stand Builders

At Wedding Asia you have all the above, under one roof giving customers all the variety and options that any family needs. We like to see more and more of the same to decide what is best for us. This Exhibition Stall is conducted keeping in mind the Elite class and their extravaganza in mind.
Wedding Asia is a Two day event held in different parts of the country such as Delhi, Ludhiana and Chandigarh. It provides the best you can ever see for a wedding exhibition. Future brides and grooms come in to have a look at the latest trends in the wedding business. It is the most popular Exhibition Stall Fabricator that aims to provide a complete wedding solution keeping in mind the taste of the elite class of the society.
Products showcased by various designers, jewellery brands and wedding planning firms are of superior value which could ever be offered at a huge market like this. The company due to its experience in the field markets and advertises the exhibition in the best way possible because of which every year the customer numbers keep increasing. Clients always get what they were looking for because of which Wedding Asia as a list of satisfied customers.
The exhibits include Stall Designer Diamond and Gold Jewellery, Cosmetic and Beauty products, Designer Bridal and Groom’s wear, Wedding and Honeymoon planners, Fashion Accessories, Wedding Photography, Floral and Stage Designers, Venus sound and lighting and many more.
The top brands associated with Wedding Asia include TBZ jewellery, Diamond Collections and many such firms who provide complete satisfaction to the customers who come to them.
Stalls for the various representatives are provided by Wedding Asia at the venues itself and the representative firms can choose from all the varieties available to make their stalls as attractive to the customers at possible.
The exhibitions are being held at Chandigarh, Hayatt Regency 1st and 2nd November 2017, Ludhiana Park Plaza 17th to 19th November and Delhi, The Ashok Hotel 24th to 26th November 2017. With the best of the best in the field coming together to showcase the best they have Wedding Asia will provide its clients with whatever they want related to Weddings and related events.

Weddings are huge and grand and exhibitions like Wedding Asia see to it that its grandeur is maintained. Paying a visit to any one of the venues of Wedding Asia will truly help in knowing what you want and how you want it. With better options available it makes the process of choosing even simpler.

Thursday, 2 November 2017

Explain Different Types of Modular Exhibitions Stalls

Modular exhibition stalls can be assembled and dismantle with ease. It usually comprises of pre engineered parts which gives the stand a complete professional look. They consist of attractive roofs, walls and rooms. The advantage of a Exhibition Stall Designer is that it can be reused any number of times. You have the liberty to add or reduce items according to your wish during each exhibition.

Modular exhibition stalls can fit into any space any time. You just need to make it attractive using different visual aids like graphic boards, lighting etc. Modular exhibition stands are cost efficient and easy to handle during an exhibition. Unlike the custom build stand which is heavy and usually useful only for a single exhibition a modular exhibition stand is reusable.
Modular stands are usually made of aluminium frames with infill panels that can be interchanged with graphic boards according to the exhibition you desire to attend. Exhibition Stands Builders are flexible, light weight and cost efficient.
Modular exhibition stands come with different features. These include:
Professional set up
A modular exhibition stand is designed with perfection and provides a professional outlay that helps you look unique.
Pre engineered parts
One advantage of a modular exhibition stand is that they come with readymade primary parts which helps in assembling your stand as many times you want and make changes depending on the occasion.
Eco friendly
Unlike the custom built stand which requires lot of work, a modular exhibition stand comes with eco friendly materials. This not only reduces your cost but also helps you to show your company your responsibility towards the environment and fulfils the company’s CSR (Corporate social Responsibility)
Multiple and consistent look
A modular exhibition stand can be used at any type of exhibition, may it be big or small. It’s easy rebuild and dismantle facility furthers this point. Also its pre engineered parts gives the stand a consistency which further help in building the brand image among customers.
Better return on investment
With its multiple use feature a modular exhibition stand helps you to save on budget. As mentioned earlier, you can alter the size a design of your stand according to your need when it comes to a modular Exhibition Stall Fabricators unlike the custom built stand which is dismantled without further usage.
Moving on to the applications of a modular exhibition stand
Medium and large scale exhibitions
A modular exhibition stand can be used for both small exhibition events as well as big exhibition events containing more and prominent participants.
Multi city exhibitions

The easy to dismantle and rebuilt facility provided by a modular exhibition stand makes it a hot favourite for companies exhibiting at multiple cities. These modular stands which are highly cost efficient helps companies to use their budget wisely especially at times when you are exhibiting your product in different places at the same time.